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What’s your first impression of Robyn Cathcart?

Our jury saw a mousy, frumpy, woman hiding behind a wardrobe of baggy, oversized men’s shirts and long, shapeless skirts. They thought she could be "adorable if she dressed better" and built her self confidence.

Robyn is 21, but looks much older because of her clothing, a style she says "makes me look like my mother." Robyn is a self-proclaimed "nerd" who’s never had a boyfriend, and even though she loves to swim, stays away from the pool because she’s embarrassed about her body.

Robyn clearly needed some attitude adjustment, so we took her to see our psychotherapist Deborah Mecklinger (www.WalkTheTalkCoaching.com) who taught her how to love her body. The first exercise was to stand in front of the mirror and make a list of all the body parts she was grateful for. Near the top of Robyn’s list was "arms for hugging" because she "likes hugging people."

The next professional to work with Robyn was our fashion stylist David Clemmer. His main challenge was to convince her that there was nothing wrong with her body and that she should throw away the oversized shirts and bulky sweaters. "Beware of bulky because bulky sweater equals bulky body." He took her shopping at the Yoka clothing store and started off the visit by giving body-conscious Robyn a scare. He got her into a miniskirt, and showed her how to match it with tights and boots to get a sexy but sensible look.

Robyn’s next stop was to see cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kucy Pon, who gave her a chemical peel to reduce her acne. Then she headed to Josephson Opticians (www.josephson.ca) to get fitted for funky new glasses, and to the dentist for a dazzling new smile created with eight gorgeous Pro-Art porcelain dental veneers. ( www.Pro-ArtDentalLab.com ).

Hairstylist Johnny Cupello gave her a layered cut to create movement and sex appeal, and coloured her hair in light copper and honey tones.

Makeup artist Korby Banner told her, "Even if you don’t wear eye makeup, keeping the eyebrows groomed will showcase the beauty and luminescence in your eyes." He focused on her eyes and lips to give her "the face that will launch a thousand kisses."

Then it was time for Robyn to face our jury again, but first she had one more challenge. Clemmer warned her that her "granny underwear" was ruining the look of her new wardrobe, and he gave her something different. But would it be too much for this former wallflower?

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