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The Family Assistance and Parent Support Program

Professional Advisory Group

Our most sincere gratitude goes to all the caring professionals who have helped to make the production of the Family Assistance and Parent Support Program a reality by donating their time to review the program, provide input and feedback or to provide their endorsements of support.  Without their support this program would not have been possible.  Links to websites of the members of the advisory body are currently being added.


Dr. Douglas Steane Ph. D. Psychologist, Assessor, Family Mediator
Dr. Joanne Briggs Ph. D.Psychologist, Assessor, Family Mediator
Dr. Dennis Chong M. D.Medical Doctor, Certified Hypnotist
Dr. Jennifer Chong R.N., C.H.T., P.H.N.   Psychotherapist
Dr. Marty McKay Ph. D.     Clinical Psychologist, Family Assessor
Gwynneth Hawes-Cook B.A., ECE., C.Early Child Educator, Family Mediator
Richard Gaasenbeek B.A., LL.B.Family Law Lawyer
Mark Trenholm, B.A., LL.B.Barrister, Family Law Lawyer
Dr. Michael Benjamin Ph. D.    Family Mediation Specialist
Dr. Albert Silver, Ph. D. Psychologist, Family Counsellor 
Dr. Ogi Ressel B.Sc., D.C.      Chiropractor, Family Health Specialist
Lillian Messenger M.S.W.     Marital Counsellor
Amy Sawyer, R.N., B.Sc.N.    Nurse, Toronto Sick Kids Hospital
Pauline Green B.A. LL.B.Family law lawyer
Joel Miller B.A., LL, B.     Family law Lawyer)
Charmaine LaCroix R.N., B.Sc.N.    Registered Nurse
Kevin Haxell B.A. L.L.B.  Family law Lawyer

James Whetstone B.A., M.A.

Family Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Carey Linde B.A. LL.B.  Family law lawyer
Gene Colman B.A., LL. B.Family law Lawyer
Stanley Shapiro M.A.Parenting Educator
Brian Wooley B.A., B.S.W., B.H.T.Social worker, Family mediation
Dr. William Frank M.D., D.P.H.Psychotherapist, Family Counsellor
Dennis Pringle B.A., H.M.S.W.  Social Worker, Family Counsellor
Paul Christian B.A., C.H.R.P.     Certified Human Resource Professional
Dr. Gerald Young Ph. D.  Associate Professor, York University
Renata Block M.S.W., C.S.W.  Family Counsellor
Gary Stern LL. B.      Family Law Lawyer
Joanne Guoba B.A., O.S.P., A.I.A.     Psychotherapist
Roderick Whiltshire B.A., LL. B.  Litigation Specialist
Marty Klein B.A., LL. B.    Family Law Lawyer
Rev. Allan Stewart B.A., M. Div.     Minister, Presbyterian Church of Canada
Joan Sinclair M.A.   Social Worker 
Penny Corkum M.A.   Family Assessor
Deborah Mecklinger B.A., LL. B.        Family Law Lawyer, Master Social Work
John Syrtash B.A., LL. B.       Family Law Lawyer
Dr. Howard Lavine B.Sc. D.C. Chiropractor, Family Health Specialist
Richard Best         Editor & Reviewer

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