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The pressure to be a 'rainmaker' is an undercurrent inherent in many law firms.

Coaching For Lawyers 

The day-to-day challenges that face today's lawyers are increasingly complex and difficult to navigate alone. The need to provide a climate of positive leadership, effective communication and constructive conflict management, can absorb an incredible amount of time and energy. Professional athletes hire coaches to enable them to excel and win gold medals. Lawyers do the same and raise the bar in the quality of their personal and professional lives.

Stress, exhaustion and burnout are commonplace in the high performance world of Law. Long hours, billing requirements, difficult clients and office politics often leave Lawyers feeling tired, unmotivated and unfulfilled. The pressure to be a 'rainmaker' is an undercurrent inherent in many law firms. Coaching provides Lawyers with powerful tools to combat these challenges to propel them forward.

Coaching is a strategically designed alliance promoting discovery, reflection and action. Accountability, dialogue and vision precipitate the realization of clearly defined goals. Life as a Lawyer can be meaningful productive, and successful, enabling a healthy work/life balance.

Coaching others is a science and an art. It involves being a listener, an advisor, a trainer and a motivator. Within this focused partnership the Client and Coach are vocal, engaged, and committed to making things happen.


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